Users Keep Blasting Microsoft for Killing Messenger

Some people can’t agree with the transition to Skype

Microsoft will start the Windows Live Messenger shutdown next week, hoping to see most, if not all, users migrating to Skype.

Basically, the gigantic Skype user base is one of the reasons why Microsoft has decided to retire its popular Windows Live Messenger app, so making the switch to Skype’s integrated Messenger would be the best choice.

Users, on the other hand, do not agree with Microsoft and continue to attack the Redmond-based technology titan in lots of posts published on the company’s community forums.

“I've tried Skype as a messenger since the notice went out about ‘retiring’ Messenger. Skype is sad & pathetic. Unless Microsoft intends to do some MAJOR improvements to the IM part of Skype in the near future, I will not be using Skype,” one user said in a post.

“We tried to use Skype for a day and it was a nightmare. It kept crashing and causing the computers to freeze, and it was cumbersome to use anyway. We're now looking for a new solution (Yahoo, Google Talk, etc.). At this time, I fully expect to have to abandon Microsoft's products just like they've abandoned us!”

Microsoft claims that Skype should be capable of completely replacing Windows Live Messenger, while also offering some extra tools, including a great VoIP platform to send and receive high-quality voice calls.

And still, Windows Live Messenger fans point to all kinds of options not available in Skype, such as winks and custom emoticons.

“We understand your frustation [sic] over the takeover of Skype on Messenger. However, there are several features that are absent in Messenger but are available for Skype,” a Microsoft forum moderator replied.

The good news is that Microsoft will only retire the Messenger client, and not the servers altogether, so those of you still using a third-party application to chat with friends can continue running it for a little bit longer.

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