Users Delighted with IE10’s Always-on “Do Not Track”

Microsoft does a pretty good job this time, users believe

Internet Explorer 10’s “Do Not Track” feature has stirred a lot of controversy lately, especially because Microsoft isn’t even willing to consider disabling the new option.

IE 10, Microsoft’s latest in-house browser, comes with a factory-enabled DNT and although advertisers and several companies across the world have asked the company to disable this option, the Redmondians completely ignore all requests.

Users, on the other hand, are absolutely delighted with Microsoft’s decision to keep DNT always on and claim that this is the right time for the technology company to step in and protect its consumers.

“Here's a thought: ask. Don't collect. Ask. I will TELL you exactly what kind of ads I prefer if you give me the opportunity. I guarantee you that those metrics are going to be far more reliable than whatever data mining you perform on me without my consent,” one of our readers told us.

That’s exactly what Microsoft is trying to say. Users have been looking for such an option for years and most of them want “Do Not Track” turned on by default just because they need their privacy while browsing the web.

Truth is, such an option does block advertisers from collecting users’ data and providing better ads, but it all comes down to the consumer.

The first time you launch Internet Explorer 10, you’re provided not only with a special screen which lets you know that DNT is turned on, but also with step-by-step instructions on how to disable it.

And still, users have absolutely no intention to disable it.

“I am welcoming this advance in IE10 with great enthusiasm! Any collection of data without a person's conscious consent should be considered an illegal breach of privacy and prosecutable by law!” another user said, emphasizing that Microsoft’s decision to keep the option on by default is a very good strategy.

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