Users Bash Windows 8 on Microsoft’s Support Forums

Disappointed consumers criticize the new OS on the official forums

It’s no secret that Windows 8 is a very controversial product, but users have now turned to Microsoft’s support forums to criticize the new operating system.

The number of negative comments regarding Windows 8 is increasing on a daily basis, with more and more disappointed users posting new messages on the community service.

While some are asking for Start button replacements that could make Windows 8 more a familiar working environment, others are trying to get rid of Microsoft’s newest operating system altogether and either downgrade to Windows 7 or move to a completely new platform.

“My elderly parents bought a new computer with Windows 8 pre-loaded and they're about to throw it out their Window 1.0. They hate it. They hate it and are furious with me for even suggesting they get a newer, faster computer,” one user writes.

“I don't know why MS managed to release this without some kind of middle road. I don't know why you don't like Windows 7 for me it's perfect unless you have programs that don't work well with Win 7. I hope MS will go back to the classic Windows system with Win 9 because I keep hearing rumors that they are going with the new Start Menu style and eventually phase out the desktop?? That's ridiculous,” another one added.

Of course, Microsoft’s representatives are yet to post a message on the thread and reply to all these critics, but at least the company isn’t blocking the discussion completely.

Users, however, have asked Microsoft to join the conversation and provide some solutions to those asking for quick advice on how to perform specific actions on Windows 8.

“Forget about getting actual support and finding a place to comment on problems. What a joke. Do they even monitor these forums or are we all just complaining to a computer?” a disappointed Windows 8 user wrote.

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