Use Amazon Kindle to Give Your PC Free 3G

An excavation in the world of clever hacks unearthed a veritable pearl this time

We envision a time when all people will get to roam the Internet free of charge, but that era has not yet come and will definitely take a while.

That doesn't mean that it is impossible to enjoy unlimited Internet right now, though, especially if you're a hacker.

Hacker “Excelangue” managed to give his PC free 3G by using what is apparently a simple hack of the Amazon Kindle keyboard 3G tablet/e-reader.

Granted, the list of instructions is not at all short, and may be somewhat hard to follow if one has never done this sort of thing before.

Nevertheless, the guide is quite comprehensive and written in an accessible step-by-step approach.

Basically, by the end of it, it should be possible to access the Internet on the PC through the 3G connection of the Amazon device.

Thus, since the Kindle Keyboard 3G has free broadband access, that means unlimited Internet for anyone willing to risk going through with the procedure.

Be warned, though, that this hack is technically a violation of the Kindle 3G’s terms and agreements.

Also, since all the web traffic is wired through Amazon's proxy server, the company will be able to monitor you.

We doubt there will be any legal action taken against those few who experiment with this method, but no one will be able to say they went headlong into things without being told all the facts.

“The process by which one harnesses the Kindle’s free 3G is a violation of the Kindle 3G’s terms and agreements. In addition, the key used to access 3G is tied directly to your unique Kindle,” Excelangue's guide says.

“All traffic obtained in this manner is sent through Amazon’s proxy server. Amazon knows who you are.”

The hacker is looking into how the Kindle Keyboard 3G may be tethered over WiFi, so that Android and iOS devices may benefit from this hidden gem as well.

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