Urine and Mayonnaise to Survive the Mayan Apocalypse

Store enough of both, keep away from dogs and there rests nothing to fear about

It appears the solution for a post-apocalypse life lays right in front of us: keep away from dogs, gather urine and buy mayonnaise, John Hodgman advises in a deeply inspired video.

If you want to survive the December 21, 2012 Apocalypse, you have to keep an eye on the simple things.

“Get away from dogs, they are not your friends. You wanna store your urine, obviously, but also mayonnaise. You need both,” Hodgman warns us.

It shouldn't sound too strange since “urine is a natural disinfectant, easily made at home,” in such conditions, you can't deny it would be extremely helpful.

Mayonnaise meanwhile, “is a good hair conditioner,” no way to deprive yourself of such tool during Apocalypse.

According to whether you're worried about the upcoming events or not, you can laugh or start to get ready. Sadly, if I soon hear about big urine storage being found in certain houses, that wouldn't surprise me.

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