Upload YouTube Videos Directly from the PS3!

A new record is set by Sony's console

This could definitely be one of the best moves for Sony has recently made regarding its PlayStation 3 console, since now it is possible to upload recorded in-game footage straight to YouTube directly from the PS3. Of course, as it always happens, this is only available in Japan at the moment - the free-downloadable game Mainichi Issho being the first title to have this service implemented.

Ever since Mainichi Issho has been released, many updates have followed in order to improve the gameplay experience; now, with the 7th update, the game becomes the first ever game to link a console directly to YouTube while, of course, opening the gate to even more services of similar nature offered by other games. Just imagine how cool it would be if you were able to almost instantly broadcast your GTA IV missions!

We still have a lot of time to wait until that becomes a reality, though, so until then we could just check the YouTube website and see that the thing is really working (4 new videos have been updated at the moment of writing the article and we're pretty sure even more will follow). We have also provided a link to a YouTube video below to see the record and upload feature working.

With a limit of 10 minutes, it seems that neither Sony nor YouTube have gone cheap and they have offered a huge advantage to the console right now in what we could call the "social console war". Of course, this feature should be implemented in more games and all over the world in order to consider it a real successful hit, but we're sure that this is just the beginning. And what a great beginning it is!

Now, as promised, here is one of the YouTube videos recorded and uploaded using the service (news casts from the game can also be recorded, but not uploaded to the website):

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