Uplay App Now Available for Wii U in North America

Interact with Ubisoft's online service right from your new Wii U

Ubisoft has confirmed that its Uplay app for the Nintendo Wii U is now live in North America, allowing users to manage their Uplay account and spend their points on various in-game rewards.

Uplay is Ubisoft's special online service that connects all of the games made by the company across all sorts of platforms. It rewards players based on their achievements with virtual points, which can then be spent on unlocking extra content for the titles they own.

Now, the app has been released on the Wii U home console in North America as a free download.

The small application allows Wii U owners to create or manage accounts, track their Uplay stats, and spend the virtual points on rewards for their Wii U games.

Check out a full list of features for the Wii U app below, via the official website.

1. Actions

As you progress in-game and complete specific Actions you will earn Uplay Units. Each game has 4 Actions unlocked at various points throughout the game. Select the Actions box to see what you've already earned, and discover how to earn them all!

2. Rewards

Redeem your Uplay Units to claim exclusive free Rewards. Select the Rewards box to see details of the Rewards you already own and find out what you can unlock next.

3. Games

Select the Games box and discover even more Actions and Rewards for all the Ubisoft games you own.

4. Username

Uplay username, personal quote and number of Units available (Units are like points which you earn by successfully completing Actions). Press + to view, edit and change your profile.

5. News

Keep up to date with upcoming Ubisoft releases and new downloadable content. Select any item to learn more.

6. Uplay TV, Friends & Shop

Coming soon!

You can expect quite a few other features to be released for Uplay on the Wii U in the near future, as Ubisoft is heavily supporting the new home console with big games.

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