Latest uTorrent Release Has Android, iOS, PS3 and Xbox Support

Latest uTorrent alpha adds integration with Android, iOS, PS3 and Xbox devices

The company behind uTorrent released an alpha version for its upcoming 3.1 version, premiering the new tools its been advertising the past months. The most notable: integration support for Android, iOS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox devices.

The upcoming stable release of uTorrent 3.1 will mark a cornerstone in BitTorrent Inc.'s history, becoming a truly cross-platform behemoth.

It won't be the first BitTorrent client though, since Vuze already added multiple device integration more than a year ago.

What this new feature means for uTorrent users someone might ask? They'll be able to synchronize downloaded files between different devices, while additionally converting playable audio and video files between mediums.

Unfortunately this feature will only be available to uTorrent Plus users, the upcoming premium version of uTorrent, to be launched in late 2011.

As with the previous, this later feature is already available in the Vuze client, but for free usage. Obviously the community wasn't too pleased and backlash has started popping out in comments on blogs and articles dealing with this topic.

Let's not ignore the clear facts. In the end, uTorrent 3.1 Alpha users are now  able to add remote devices to their client and transfer data without any problems.

But unless they plan to subscribe to BitTorrent Inc.'s premium service, they should keep in mind to sync only device-compatible files.

The company is obviously trying to cash in on its flagship product, and who's to blame them since recent reports have uTorrent as the main choice when it comes to downloading BitTorrent files for half the Internet users.

As a conclusion we leave you with a possible ironic future situation. Since most users use uTorrent to download pirated content. Just imagine if users will be using uTorrent to download a pirated version of uTorrent Plus. [Story via TorrentFreak]

uTorrent 3.1 Alpha for Windows is available for download here.

Vuze (multiple platforms) is available for download here.


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