Unvanquished Alpha 12 FPS/RTS Now Has Motion Blur

This game is better and better with each new edition

The developers of Unvanquished, a free, open-source first-person shooter combining real-time strategy elements with a futuristic and sci-fi setting, have just released the 12th Alpha version.

The work on the Unvanquished continues at a steady pace and it shows no signs of slowing down. If they keep this up, we might be playing a reliable beta by the end of 2013.

So far, Unvanquished has offered an interesting concept. You can play either with the technologically advanced humans or with the highly adaptable aliens.

You will have to construct and maintain a base with various structures, or group up with your teammates to take on the other team.

Unvanquished is also compatible with the Quake 3 file format and the modification tools allow for extensive customization and changing its setting.

Highlights of Unvanquished Alpha 12:

• All models benefit from back lighting, so while the new models will look great, even the old placeholder models will look better for the meantime;

• Motion blur effect has been added. It creates a blur effect when you move fast enough, as one would expect. This is most prominent with the dragoon pounce and the marauder's wall-jumping;

• The bot behavior has been redone entirely, and now functions off a behavior tree system;

• Users can now test out our resources implementation on the development server. This is a major departure from the gameplay of Tremulous, and will be part of a new direction;

• The installer will now check your data directories while downloading files, and it won't accidentally redownload some of the files you already have, not to mention it will use md5sums;

• The menu has been reorganized, with options in more sensible places than before. Additionally, many of the old options that were inherited and didn't quite do anything noticeable (or at all) have been removed.

More details about this amazingly-looking game can be found on the official website. Keep in mind that it's a work in progress and bugs are bound to happen.

Download Unvanquished Alpha 12 right now from Softpedia.

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