Unrevoked Updated with Support for New Device Models

A new version of the increasingly popular Unrevoked flashing tool is now available for download for all those interested in trying it out on their Android-based mobile phones.

The new version of the software was released for a nice range of improvements, and is aimed mainly at the owners of EVO 4G or DROID Incredible handsets.

Among these enhancements, we can count the fact that the new release comes with an updated ClockworkMod, now for EVO 4G (initially, but was downgraded soon after), and for Incredible, which supports SLCD.

The software comes with a new kernel, though it seems that version 3.x loses support for various ROMs released for the EVO 4G, and that ROM authors are encouraged to update their releases.

The changelog for the new Unrevoked includes:

- Backed ClockworkMod down to 2.x series on EVO 4G; now

(Initially, it was for EVO 4G, with a new kernel (for better WiMAX safety), and support for WiMAX key backup)

- Still has new kernel. Still has WiMAX key backup. Now supports amend scripting again.

- Improved compatibility with Android 2.1 (fixes “am reported error starting service”).

- Increased root timing window (fixes “failed to get root” on supported devices).

- Fix for latest EVO 4G OTA (3.70.651.1) and EVO 4Gs with new versions of HBOOT (2.02 and 2.10).

- Switched exploits for all platforms; hopefully more reliable than rageagainstthecage

The Unrevoked3 software comes with support for handsets like Sprint EVO 4G, Droid Incredible, HTC Desire GSM and CDMA, HTC Aria, Droid Eris, and HTC Wildfire.

With this software, users get One-click root on their devices without having to reinstall / reflash / wipe the existing stock Android OS. The tool also offers flashing of custom ClockworkMod recovery, through which one can install custom ROMs and nandroid backups/restores.

At the same time, the tool offers NAND unlock and S-OFF on certain devices. Those who would like to learn more on this software should head over to the Unrevoked wiki here (via Android Police).

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