Unlocked iPhone 5s Appear on Apple’s Website

Query churns up listings for all models starting with a price tag of $649 / €505

Apple has yet to sell factory-unlocked iPhone 5 models but its website is already listing the prices for all storage capacities. According to a quick search result on apple.com/us, a factory-unlocked iPhone 5 with 16GB of storage will set you back $649 / €505.

The Apple online store in countries all around the world curently offers the iPhone 5 either with a two-year contract from supported operators, or unlocked, starting at €669 / $857 in Spain, for example.

In the United States, customers can order a 16GB unit for $199 (€155) with a two-year plan from AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.

However, according to people who were curious enough to see what “iPhone 5 factory unlocked” churns up on Apple’s search bar, the company is soon planning to sell non-subsidized versions in the US too.

Indeed, the respective query will pop up iPhone 5 results with prices ranging between $649 / €505 and $849 / €662 (as shown below).

· iPhone 5 64GB White & Silver (GSM) – $849.00

· iPhone 5 16GB Black & Slate (GSM) – $649.00

· iPhone 5 64GB Black & Slate (GSM) – $849.00

· iPhone 5 16GB White & Silver (GSM) – $649.00

· iPhone 5 32GB Black & Slate (CDMA) – $749.00

However, when the search completes, it’s actually labeled as failed. “No results were found. Please try a different search,” reads a message on the left side of the screen.

The iPhone 5 listings are only shown on the right pane, where Apple Store Results are displayed.

In other words, Apple is preparing to include these purchase options in its online store relatively soon.

Furthermore, by clicking on “View more Apple Store results,” customers are taken to a page where Apple shows dozens more results along with actual shipping times.

Per the company’s web store listings, a factory-unlocked iPhone 5 takes 3-4 weeks to ship right now, despite its being unavailable for purchase.


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