Unlocked Galaxy Nexus Now Available in the US

The Ice Cream Sandwich phone is now in stock at Expansys

While waiting for Verizon Wireless to make an official announcement on the availability of Galaxy Nexus from Samsung, users in the United States should also consider the possibility to purchase the new Google phone via other channels out there.

Expansys, for example, has brought the new Galaxy Nexus smartphone to the US market unlocked and contract free, though it asks $749.99 (560 Euros) for the 16GB model.

According to the online retailer, the handset is available in stock at the moment, and those who would like to make a purchase should hurry up to get one before they are sold out.

“If you order this product before 3pm CST today, your order will be shipped the same day, pending security checks,” the retailer notes.

In the United States, the smartphone was confirmed to arrive on shelves at Verizon Wireless and Sprint, yet it might not be released before December is over.

Initially expected to be launched before November was over, the handset reportedly got pushed back by roughly two weeks, and should be released only in early December.

Galaxy Nexus is the first smartphone in the world to arrive on shelves with Google's Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system on board.

The handset was already released on the market in the UK, and is expected to arrive in other countries soon, including Canada on the North American continent, where it should be launched on December 8th.

While no official confirmation on the matter emerged, rumor has it that Verizon Wireless could release the new device on that day as well. Latest rumors also suggest that the carrier might have the device priced at $300 on contract.

Before that happens, however, those who would do anything for having a Galaxy Nexus device in their hands at any cost should head over to Expansys' website here to make a purchase.

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