University Professor Bans Fox News in Class

Assistant professor Stephanie Wolfe cringes when she hears the name

A visiting assistant professor at the West Liberty University, Stephanie Wolfe, has banned Fox News as a credible reference in her class, the Examiner reports, making it clear in her syllabus that students were not to use it in any of their papers throughout the semester.

Neither are they to use the Onion as a source, but this makes sense because the Onion is a satire news channel so it’s not like they're going for credibility in anything that they do.

“The tagline ‘Fox News’ makes me cringe,” Wolfe writes in the syllabus, as cited by the aforementioned media outlet.

“Please do not subject me to this biased news station. I would almost rather you print off an article from the Onion (sic),” Wolfe adds.

The credibility of Fox News has long been disputed, mostly because of its political affiliation. Whether it’s fair to have it banned in class is entirely up to you to debate – and ultimately decide.

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