United Against Nuclear Iran Slams Jennifer Lopez for Fiat Collab – Video

Group releases video parody of Fiat ad to urge her to end the endorsement deal

Jennifer Lopez is again coming under heavy fire for her collaboration with Fiat but, this time, it goes beyond claims that she didn't even bother to go to her beloved Bronx to shoot the ad.

Check out the video above to see what it's all about, but *please note that it contains images of violence that might offend.

The group United Against Nuclear Iran is pleading with JLo to end her endorsement deal with Fiat right now, because the company is believed to have sent vehicles into Iran, used for violent manifestations against the people.

Because the diva has remained oblivious to the UANI's open letter, this is their way of getting her – and us – to listen up.

“Tell Jennifer Lopez to end her endorsement of Fiat, a company who, through its subsidiary Iveco, sells and distributes cars and trucks in Iran that have been used by the brutal Iranian regime to transport ballistic missiles and stage gruesome public executions,” UANI says.

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