UnionBank of the Philippines Customers Warned About Phishing Scam

The campaign is dangerous because many users have linked their banking accounts to PayPal

Customers of the UnionBank of the Philippines are advised to be on the lookout for bogus emails that might appear to originate from the bank. Experts warn that the emails are designed to lure recipients to a phishing website.

GFI Labs has analyzed this latest campaign and has found that the phishing website, which almost perfectly mimics the legitimate bank site, is hosted on a Russian domain.

Users who fall for the trick and land on this website are asked to provide their IDs, PINs and passwords. Then, they’re asked to enter their ATM card number and its associated PIN.

Once the information is submitted, victims are told that the account reactivation has been successful and they’re redirected to the legitimate site of the UnionBank of the Philippines.

As experts highlight, many UnionBank customers have their PayPal accounts connected to their banking accounts, so it’s important that users steer clear of such bogus websites.

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