Unika Unveils 2GB Packing Nvidia GeForce GT 430 Graphics Card

While there certainly isn't any shortage of GT 430-based solutions from which to chose, Unika, a Chinese board partner of Nvidia, has also introduced its take on Nvidia's entry level core by pairing the GPU with no less than 2GB of video buffer.

Although the extra video memory installed won't definitely help the performances of the graphics card, Unika really prides itself with the fact that is one of the few manufacturers to come to market with such a solution.

Otherwise, the card doesn't seem to differ all that much from all the other GT 430 solutions that are available right now as it features a pretty simple printed circuit board layout as well as a not-so-impressive cooling solution that covers only the GPU.

Right below the plastic shroud, we find the 2GB of DDR3 memory manufactured by Micron that are connected to the core via a 128-bit wide memory bus.

As far as the operating speeds of the card are concerned, the GPU follows Nvidia's references as it comes clocked at 700MHz (1400MHz shaders), but the memory is significantly downclocked as Unika chose to run it at 700MHz.

This is 200MHz lower that Nvidia's stock clock and should limit the card's performances in games and other graphics intensive tasks.

The whole graphics card occupies only one PCI slot and its backplate features a dual-link DVI, HDMI and VGA video output.

Nvidia's GeForce GT 430 is based on the GF108 core that packs 96 CUDA cores, 16 texturing units, 4 ROP units and 585 million transistors.

The card is available right now throughout China for 499 yuan, which translates into about $76 US. Details regarding its availability outside of Asia were not disclosed, but I don't expect Unika to ship its video cards to other parts of the world. (via Expreview)

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