Unigine Engine Gets Huge Update, Now Supports Panoramas and Fisheye Projections

New features have been implemented into the game engine

The UNIGINE, a real-time 3D engine built to run on all major platforms, including Linux, has just received an update, adding some new features such as Panoramas and Fisheye rendering.

Unigine Engine is built by non-other than Unigine Corp., the company behind the Heaven DX11 Benchmark software. The technology they develop is getting better all the time, and with their recent expansion on the Linux platform, we’re all too glad to see that major updates have been implemented in the engine.

A new AppPanorama plugin has been added and the engine can now render 180 degree panoramas, in case extra-wide field of view is required.

Another new plugin introduced with this new update is AppProjection. This allows users to increase the total resolution of a rendered image. It can be used to create a large immersive curved screen display covering 360 degrees.

Highlights of the new Unigine Engine:

• The quality of HDR shaft flares has been improved. They are now rendered into a half-screen buffer (rather than quarter of the screen size);

• An additional Attenuation parameter has been added for the HDR shaft flares (Render -> HDR -> Shaft -> Attenuation) to control fading of flares across their length;

• When AppWall plugin is used, monitor bezel compensation sliders (Main menu -> Wall -> Bezel X and Bezel Y) are disabled if they are not available for the current configuration of a monitor wall;

• Volumetric clouds of ObjectSky can be simulated in the background – when the volume surface is disabled or no material is assigned to it – via the Simulation option;

• The Unigine editor comes with a new GUI skin.

A complete list of new features, for all the platforms, is available in the official announcement.

Keep in mind that the UNIGINE graphics engine is only aimed at commercial enterprises and that not even a trial version is available for the general public.

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