Unified Communications Server Elastix 2.4.0 Gets Tons of New Features

The developers of Elastix have introduced numerous features

Elastix, an open source software that aims to incorporate all the communication alternatives, available at an enterprise level, into a unique solution, is now at version 2.4.0.

Elastix 2.4.0 is quite capable of establishing an efficient environment for an organization, with the addition of many features, that allows to integrate other locations of a company to centralize your business and to take it global.

This means that Elastix is capable of providing the following basic features: voicemail, Fax-to-email, softphones support, web interface configuration, virtual conference rooms, call recording, least cost routing, extension roaming, PBX Interconnection, Caller ID, CRM, and advanced reports.

“Elastix doesn’t have a cost related with licensing or functionality. All the Elastix versions are full versions without limitation in its use or its features. Nor the addition of modules or users, in an Elastix implementation have a cost involved to the integrator, organizations or enterprises in desire to use Elastix,” states the official website.

Highlights of Elastix 2.4.0:

• The instalation of the Elastix system now its much cleaner;

• The Migration to Privileged Scripts is completed. Now, there is no need to use commands such as /bin/touch, /bin/chmod, and so on;

• The readability on the blackmin theme has been improved;

• Some minor bug fixes for the Elastix Framework have been implemented;

• A correction for the Postgresql repo in the ARM architecture has been implemented;

• The update of password process, in manager.conf, has been made more robust in case it falls out of sync with the elastix.conf file;

• New helper script have been created (spamconfig,remotesmtp,mailman_config,relayconfig);

• Changes were made in the module email_account in order to better interaction at moment to create a new email account;

• Useless code that could potentially error out the module has been removed.

Check out the comprehensive official changelog for more details about this release.

Download Elastix 2.4.0 right now from Softpedia.

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