Unidentified Giant Monster Found in the Ground – Video

A Japanese video went viral after showing a giant monster dug out of the ground in Vietnam

Japanese news site, Karapaia, has recently released a video of what looks like a giant creature being dug out of the ground and hoisted onto a truck in Vietnam.

The massive long, gray slug-like creature is surrounded by curious viewers wondering what sort of genetic experiment gone wrong that is. The 2-minute video below shows how the creature is first excavated from the ground and then loaded onto a truck. The creature looks exactly like a sea monster taken from old movies, but the difference is that it was found underground and it's real.

Even if the majority says that it was found in Vietnam, some people dispute on the fact that the video was actually done in Cambodia. Wherever it was found, no one seems to know for sure what kind of animal or creature that is. Besides the sea monster look, the creature appears to have something similar to a fin and an enormous jaw.

Undeniable, it looks like a mutated whale and according to Rocket News, that's not far from the truth. Apparently, the unidentified creature is actually a deceased whale that was buried underground.

In Vietnam, whales are considered good luck, doesn't matter if they are dead or alive, and fishermen work together to provide proper burials to the deceased creatures.

In comparison with other cultures, in Vietnam whales are not to be hunted or eaten under any circumstances. So when a dead whale is spotted, people work together to tow the corpse to land for burial. The Vietnamese people have a great respect for animals and especially for sea creatures, building burial sites and shrines for animals throughout history.

We are apparently not attacked by underground creatures or alien mutations although the video might give that impression. This is one of the explanations found for the weird-looking animal, others may appear over time.

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