Unemployed US Oil Workers Might Find Jobs in Canada

The country expects to double its oil production, needs more workforce

According to several estimates, Canada is quite likely to double its oil production before this decade comes to an end.

Needless to say, this means that the country will need more workforce, and several people argue that it will most likely turn towards its southern neighbors.

Raw numbers provided by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers indicate that, by the year 2030, Canada will shift from a 3-million-bdp crude oil output to a 6.2-million-bpd one.

Apparently, this whopping increase in production will be largely due to the country's making the most of its oil sands.

Because of this, Oil Price says that unemployed US oil workers wishing to work in Canada should begin their hunt for a new source of income by having a look at the job market in the province of Alberta.

This is because this particular region in western Canada is relatively rich in oil sands deposit.

Moreover, some experts have hinted at the fact that whatever oil companies intend to take advantage of this situation will find that, by the year 2021, they will need 115,000 more workers than they started out with.

The same source says that the city of Edmonton must also be given due consideration by US citizens looking to get a job having to do with Canada's booming crude oil industry, as this particular city is a “hotspot” for jobs in the energy sector.

Interestingly enough, the jobs brought forth by oil companies in Canada are quite diverse, and range from construction and manufacturing activities to retail and services posts.

Thus, it can be argued that this boom in Canada's crude oil production will most likely be beneficial both for the country's economy, and for the unemployed US oil workers who choose to make a living elsewhere.

However, the fact remains that several green-oriented groups will most likely never approve of oil sands, regardless of how much money and how many job opportunities they bring in.

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