Undersea Resort and Hotel Charges $15,000 (€11,500) per Week

The facilities are set to include several restaurants, bars, a gym and a wedding chapel

Poseidon Undersea Resort is set to be built 40ft under water, off the coast of a Fiji private island. U.S. Submarines, Inc. plans to fit the hotel with 25 suites under water, and another 51 above it.

The images look mesmerizing, and this hotel might just offer an incredible and unique view of the world. Of course, it won't hurt that it will be equipped with several restaurants, bars, a gym and a wedding chapel.

As the visitors watch tropical fish and coral reefs from their bedroom windows, they needn't worry about safety.

Structurally, builders claim the hotel is inspired by a submarine, “statistically the world's safest form of transportation,” according to their website. The undersea complex should be erected in about two years, they state.

Unfortunately, living the luxury underwater life will set you back $15,000 (€11,500) per week, Daily Mail writes.

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