Under Marissa Mayer, Yahoo Will Become Mobile; Search, Mail, Homepage Core Products

Yahoo will focus on products first and foremost, under the new boss

Much like expected, Yahoo's new boss Marissa Mayer detailed her plan for the troubled company during the conference call following the Q3 financial results report. And, much like expected, her focus is on product.

She believes that Yahoo has four core properties or areas of interest and she wants to double down on this, search, mail, homepage and mobile.

Mayer believes Yahoo could become the place people come for their communication needs, i.e. mail, IM, and to keep up with the things that interest them, sports, news, finance.

"We’re committed to going back to our roots as a consumer Internet company focused on user experience," she said.

"My view is that the core of Yahoo is incredibly valuable and a great platform to build on. I don’t think this is a situation where there is a giant pivot and we go into a completely different business," she added.

Yahoo is already positioned well in those areas, but it needs to do more. While Search has taken a backseat at Yahoo, Mayer plans to change that.

She's not happy with how things have been going so far, i.e. Yahoo is not making the money it was supposed to from Microsoft, but Mayer said it planned to go ahead with the partnership and actually start gaining market share for Bing-powered search, not just trade Yahoo's share for Bing's.

But the big focus at the company is going to be mobile. Mayer is not pleased with how things are at the moment, there are some 76 mobile apps, from various teams and for various products, for Android, iOS and so on, but no coherent strategy.

That's what she wants to change, Yahoo is going to be a mobile-first company. Of course, that's what everyone's saying at this point and everyone but a few companies that started out with mobile apps is doing all that well in the space.

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