Unbranded HTC One X Receiving Software Update 1.28.401.9 (Changelog Included)

The update is also said to improve camera performance

HTC One X was released on the market earlier this month and the smartphone has already received a maintenance update.

Although the OS version is still Android 4.0.3, the phone’s firmware is bumped to version 1.28.401.9. The update is pushed OTA (over the air) to all unbranded HTC One X units, but carrier-bounded models will also get it in the following days.

It appears that the update is only 30MB in size, but includes lots of bug fixes and enhancements that are meant to improve the overall user experience.

Even though HTC has yet to release an official changelog for this update, the folks over at XDA Developers managed to compile some of the main changes included:

- New HBOOT 0.94;

- New RADIO 1.26.401.2;

- Fixed HTC Sense Calendar widget crashing;

- Fixed HTC Calendar double dates bug;

- Fixed HTC Sense crashing;

- Fixed Screen glitches;

- Improved Tegra 3 gaming;

- Improved HTC Gallery playback;

- Improved ICS detection, dots removed in YouTube app;

- Improved Beats audio, no more skipping;

- Improved non-Sense widget scrolling

- Improved HTC Teeter gaming;

- Improved overall speed.

Aside from the changes mentioned above, there might be others that haven’t been listed yet, so feel free to leave your comments below.

Furthermore, HTC still has some problems to fix as One X owners who already flashed the update reported that some known issues are still present:

- Force GPU not working;

- NvCPLSvc.apk not fixed;

- Live Wallpaper pausing while going to other pages is still present;

- EA Games app not included;

- No 3.x kernel included.

We recommend charging the phone’s battery for at least 50% before trying to download and install software update 1.28.401.9. Keep in mind that the update is pushed in stages, so some users with unbranded HTC One X devices might not get it right away.

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