Ultrathin Keyboard Mini, Logitech's New iPad Keyboard Cover

It is made for the 7.9-inch iPad Mini tablet from Apple

Logitech's Keyboard Cover is one of many keyboard docks made for Apple's iPad. The company has taken the concept further now, making a smaller version just right for the other tablet that Apple sells.

The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is ancient at this point, having been formally launched back in April 2012.

The Swiss peripheral company seems quite enthusiastic about the design concept even now though.

In fact, Logitech has chosen to make a second keyboard cover in the same style, though meant for a different device.

Since Apple has the 7.9-inch iPad Mini on sale, Logitech couldn't just leave it without its own cover.

Thus is was that the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini came to be – a slim, protective cover that both protects and expands the usability of the slate.

Powerful integrated magnets keep the cover affixed to the device, and the link to the tablet is done via Bluetooth.

The built-in Bluetooth EasyType keyboard somehow crams a traditional typing layout on the small area with a 7-inch diagonal. Even iPad mini function shortcut keys made it in (copy, paste, etc).

Furthermore, the auxiliary gadget can also play the part of hands-free view stand.

Finally, to ensure convenience, Logitech has implemented an instant On/Off feature that makes the iPad mini wake up when the cover is opened and go into standby when closed.

“We are excited to bring the award-winning Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover design – recognized across the industry as the best mobile keyboard for iPad – to the iPad mini,” said Alexis Richard, director of brand development for tablet accessories.

“Think of it as the other half of your iPad mini. Its clever seven-inch design fits perfectly with the iPad mini while offering full-size keys for easy typing, saving your screen space for content.”

Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard Mini has a battery life of three months (with usage of two hours per day) and a price of $79.99 / 59-79.99 Euro. It will ship in the US and Europe this month (February 2013).

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