Ultrasound Pregnancy Parties Are the Newest Trend for Future Moms

Taking ultrasounds to moms' homes costs between $100 and $350 (€75 - €265)

Ultrasound pregnancy parties are the newest trend for soon-to-be moms. Technicians use 3D/4D portable scanners to offer mothers an enjoyable experience. 

Ultrasound techs bring their equipment to pregnant women's homes, allowing them the comfort of not having to travel to the hospital. An added bonus is that they get to share their first ultrasound with friends and family.

“This way gets you out of that clinic setting,” technician Christy Foster describes.

Clinics have registered an increase in the demand for at-home sonograms, Today writes.

“It’s our opportunity to see those little fingers and toes again,” says client Kimberly Enderle, of Rogers, Arkansas.

Having a sonogram party is also a good way to inform everyone about the gender of a baby, if a mother chose to do so.

“Gender reveal is probably the bulk of our work,” licensed ultrasound tech Teena Gold explains.

She owns the “Baby Face and More” clinic with partner Christy Foster. The pair are approved by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. They specialize in taking ultrasounds to moms' homes, for $100 to $350 (€75 - €265) a time.

Some doctors are weary of the lack of support that can be given to pregnant women in a home setting. OB/GYN dr. Amber Sills warns about possible congenital defects that a scan can reveal.

“What if the ultrasonographer started the ultrasound and there was no heartbeat? [...] Or what if the fetus had not developed a skull/head/brain? This happens more than most people realize. What do you do then?” Sills asks.

“If I see anything worrying I take the mother aside and tell her she needs to call her doctor right away,” Gold responds. She details that they only perform the scan once the mother has been informed that her pregnancy is developing with no complications.

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