Ultrabooks Selling for Under $750 / €750 Are More Numerous Than Ever

The ultrathin personal computers aren't as cheap as they could be though

There are plenty of ultrabooks that still sell for over $1,000 / 1,000 Euro, but there are at least a few models that actually approach the coveted “sweet spot.”

Laptop makers, as well as Intel (as the company that invented the product type), have been promising cheaper models for years.

Only in the latter half of 2012 did those promises start to pan out, enough for shipment forecasts to rise for once. They may even double in 2013.

Now, there are still very few affordable ultrabooks, and the word is used loosely, but at least there are some sub-$750 / 750 Euro models.

Prospective buyers from the mid-range market will, of course, have to avoid things like the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition, which costs $1,449 / 1,105-1,449 Euro and runs Linux instead of Windows.

Those able, or willing, to spend just the barest amount on a laptop might want to look at netbooks instead. ASUS was trying its hand at them, last we heard.

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