Ultrabook Shipments to Double in 2013

Manufacturer reports suggest as much, although the term “ultrabook” was used loosely

Intel wants the term “ultrabook” to only be used for the super-thin laptops that its partners make, based on Core series or other central processing units. Its wish is only partially being followed.

Though AMD and its collaborators have thus far avoided misappropriation of the word, market analysts don't suffer from the same reservations.

DRAMeXchange, for instance, did differentiate between ultrabooks and “ultra-like” laptops, but didn't have any qualms about treating them all as a single device category. Which, truth be told, they are.

At any rate, the market analyst firm has been speaking with PC ODMs, at least those from Taiwan, and has concluded that the general consensus is this: ultrabook + ultra-like shipments will double in 2013.

By the end of 2013, ultrabooks should account for 10% of all laptop shipments in the world.

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