Ultra Low-Voltage Intel Haswell CPUs Set for June 2013 Launch

The mobile central processing units will run on a 17W TDP

We've seen the central processing units that Intel will scrap this year, so we may as well look at the arrival of the new ones scheduled for Computex 2013.

Haswell chips are bound to debut much sooner than that, but the ultra-low voltage ones, the chips that will be used in ultrabooks as soon as Ivy Bridge lose steam, will take longer.

Not too much longer, it turns out, though some might still say five months is more than enough.

As discovered by CPU World, the ultra low-voltage Haswell CPUs will be launching during Computex 2013, in June.

That means there will be a whole slew of laptops based on them.

The top-tier chips will be called Core i7-4930MX Extreme Edition, Core i7-4700HQ and i7-4702HQ with GT3 graphics. Four other Core i7 units will be launched, as will some Core i3 and Core i5 processors.

All “U” parts will have 17W TDPs, but their full specs are still unknown.

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