Ultra Ever Dry, Nanotech Coating That Makes Getting Wet Impossible

An infomercial that has a significant level of credibility

Lots of experiments and discoveries are made “for science,” but there are some inventions that have an easier lifestyle as the sole goal, like the Ultra Ever Dry coating.

Rain, puddle splashes, plumbing failures, cooking accidents, all can lead to people getting wet, which is never fun.

Well, some may argue that there is nothing wrong with getting wet, but most people avoid the condition unless it is to go swimming.

There is also the problem that dust, dirt and many other impurities tend to stick to wet surfaces more than they do on dry ones.

That is why an infomercial promoting the Ultra Ever Dry super hydrophobic coating has accumulated over 500,000 views in just about two weeks after being posted on YouTube.

The video, which we have embedded below for convenience's sake, shows a bunch of coated versus uncoated demos.

Everything from concrete to oils is shown to be unable to penetrate a layer of Ultra Ever Dry. Even gardening gloves are used: one of them has barely any mud on while the other is a mess.

Sadly, the Ultra Ever Dry website shares little information as to how this breakthrough has been achieved.

While it eagerly states that the translucent white coating can bond to pretty much any surface, it doesn't say what it is made of or how.

This is because the invention and materials are proprietary and the interests of the company must be protected, apparently. At least it gives the prices: $53 / 40-53 Euro for a quarter of a gallon of the base, $96 / 71-96 Euro for a quarter gallon of the top coat.

To apply the Ultra Ever Dry, the top and bottom coatings are sprayed with air sprayers, pump sprayers or even finger trigger sprayers. Both layers are required. We've embedded the application demo below the official product video.

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