Ultimate Luxury with the £30,000 Dovima Roger Vivier Shoes

Designed by Bruno Frisoni

Paris Fashion Week has shown to the entire world that, recession or not, luxury is still attainable. As such, designers have cast all precaution out the window, and come up with the most lavish, eccentric pieces, be them clothes or accessories. In this last category, we also find a pair of Roger Vivier shoes, retailing at £30,000 and known under the “stage name” of Dovima.

Designed by the current creative director at Roger Vivier, Bruno Frisoni, the Dovima shoes are a unique blend of delicacy and the most adorable lavishness, somehow managing to combine all of “life’s little luxuries,” as they have been described. “The ‘Dovima,’ an 11cm, spike-heeled confection of gilded silk mesh and jewels, is embellished with a pair of rose pink-dyed, taxidermy birds with gold and crystal heads.” The Telegraph says of the latest pair of shoes.

In all fairness, media outlets are pointing out, there is not one thing about the Dovima shoes that does not scream luxury. As delicate and tiny as they may seem, they actually incorporate “24 ct gold-coated mesh, semi-precious stones, jet, satin ribbons, silk chiffon, diamanté and crocodile skin fashioned into dainty rosettes,” as per the aforementioned source. Moreover, they are handmade and are being referred to also as “the ultimate creature of the night.” With such materials in them and the mind-blowing price tag, “ultimate” actually comes off as an understatement.

Just in case you happen to have £30,000 to spare for a pair of shoes, the Dovima are already available for order. However, since they’re handmade, you have to allow for up to three months until they reach you. And there’s more, since you will also receive a special “wrapping” that will enable you to wear the shoes without actually having them touch the ground, as the British publication reveals.

“The collection is called ‘One is Too,’ for each pair can be inserted into and buckled onto matching crocodile or snakeskin protective ‘platforms,’ based on the ‘pattens’ of the Middle Ages. They add height and save the expensive, fragile works-of-art for the feet from actually making contact with anything as rugged, commonplace and downright dirty as the pavement.” The Telegraph writes. Admittedly, given the price, it is believed that the “pattens” are at least half as good looking as the Dovima.

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