Ultimate General: Gettysburg Is New Civil War Game from Total War’s DarthMod

The game aims to realistically portray Civil War battles

For most true fans of the Total War series of strategy games, the DarthMod package has been required for an enjoyable strategy experience and now the developer that created them is making his own Civil War title called Ultimate General: Gettysburg.

Nick Thomadis, aka DarthMod, says that he is aiming to create a complex game that is inspired by the old Sid Meier’s Gettysburg title and will challenge players to control Union or Confederate general.

The team wants to make a chained series of missions that will also include what-if scenarios and will feature complex commands and the unique tactics that were used during the Civil War.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is being created using Unity.

The team says that, “A historically accurate map will include the most significant locations around Gettysburg. Brief historical data for units, people and places will help you understand the events and the tactics of this glorious battle.”

Ultimate General: Gettysburg will also have a complex moral system for the various units and will simulate the way experience levels have influenced the performance of the regiments engaged.

DarthMod is known for his ability to design challenging Artificial Intelligence for Total War and he will also make interesting opponents for his team project.

He says, “AI does not need traditional game cheats or hidden tricks to face off against humans. Innovative Ultimate General AI comes with different characters such as ‘Careless’, ‘Indecisive’, ‘Defensive’, ‘Cautious’, ‘Cunning’, ‘Aggressive’ or ‘Dynamic’.”

The game is independently created at the moment and does not have a launch date. It seems that Antietam might also be considered as a potential game scenario if the initial Gettysburg release is successful.

Gamers are invited to voice their feedback on the official site of the game.

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