Ukraine’s State Customs Service Targeted by Anonymous Hackers

Around 1 Gb of documents have been leaked by the hacktivists

Members of the Anonymous movement claim to have breached the servers hosting, the domain used in the Ukraine by the country’s State Customs Service.

Around a year ago, the State Customs Service became part of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties, so the domain now redirects visitors to

The hacktivists have leaked 1 Gb of files allegedly representing proof of illicit operations involving oil and gas, and corruption schemes.

“Much of the inside of the package is related to former Ukraine Customs Chief – Ihor Kaletnyk who is an active FSB operative enforcing Russian rules of engagement in Ukraine. Also a lot of offshore money laundering by this persona and other government crooks,” the hackers noted on next to the leaked data.

A total of 64 scanned documents have been posted on to offer a preview into the data leak. This particular attack is part of a campaign called OpUkraine.

Many of the leaked documents are written in Ukrainian. However, a lot of the ones in English are marked as confidential.

Back in October, the same hackers claimed to have breached the systems of Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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