Ubuntu on Air Is Now Live

Google+ Hangouts with Ubuntu developers, streamed live on YouTube!

José Antonio Rey proudly announced a few hours ago, July 17th, that the Ubuntu on Air! project is now live.

Ubuntu on Air is an idea discussed by some Ubuntu developers and contributors at the Ubuntu Developer Summit for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin), during the IRC Workshops sessions, which consists on a series of broadcasts via Google+ Hangouts.

"Last UDS, we were in the IRC Workshops sessions, when a huge idea came out. We all know the developer announcements for the releases as Fridge posts, and classroom sessions as IRC-based."

"But we wanted something else, something where people could actively interact with our instructors, or with our developers. That’s why, we decided to launch Ubuntu on Air!" José Antonio Rey said earlier today on his blog.

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Ubuntu on Air! is a new project designed to help Ubuntu users easily interact with Ubuntu instructors, leaders, developers, etc. in real time.

The best part of Ubuntu on Air is that the sessions will also be streamed live via a dedicated YouTube channel.

Ubuntu users will be able to ask questions related to the Ubuntu operating system, but they will also be informed about releases, and classes for the Classroom project.

"We’ve set up an IRC channel for you to participate, and we’ve got a dedicated YouTube channel, so you can replay past sessions."

"We’ve even got a bot to do some hard work on IRC! We’ll be using it to give some developer news, as well as Classroom sessions" José Antonio Rey explained in the blog announcement.

The first session of Ubuntu on Air will take place next Thursday, July 26th, at 18 UTC, and it will host Benjamin Kerensa with the Developer News, and Brian Murray explaining how important are bugs in creating a successful Ubuntu release.

Users will be able to chat in the #ubuntu-on-air channel on irc.freenode.net.

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