Ubuntu One Is Now Available for Mac OS X

First Beta of Ubuntu One client reaches Mac users!

Canonical has announced earlier today that they released a Beta client of their Ubuntu One service for Apple’s Mac OS X operating system.

We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting our Mac OS X client, so we’re pleased to tell you that the public beta is now available for download,” the official blog announcement read.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how many Mac users are thrilled about this cloud storage service from Canonical, considering that there’s Dropbox and iCloud, but it’s always a very good idea to make it cross-platform for those days when you really need to access your files on some strange platform.

So now users have access to their Ubuntu One files from practically anywhere, from the Web to their iPhone or Android smartphone, except for the iPad. Yeah, how about iPad, Canonical? Make the Ubuntu One Files universal, because many people work better and more productive with their iPads, I’m just saying.

OK, so now for the technical details, it looks like Canonical made a normal dmg installer, which is basically a drag and drop thing (yeah, I know you love that) and it’s supposed to work on Mac OS X 10.6 and higher. I’ve tested it on Mac OS X 10.8.2 and it works just fine, and we can prove that with the screenshots posted below.

Review image
Review image
Review image
Review image

This release is marked as 4.0 Beta 1, so I guess there will more Beta releases in the near future, before a final version. And you can grab it right now from here, just remember that this is a Beta software and it is not intended to be used on production machines.

As a final word to this announcement, I would like to say that Canonical's Ubuntu One app allows users to browse, access and manage photos, files and folders, and share them with your family, friends and colleagues. And you get the usual 5GB of FREE storage with a new account.

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