Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 Will Not Include GNOME 3.10

The distribution will be officially released on October 17, 2013

Along with the release of Ubuntu 13.10 Final Beta, Canonical also unveiled the second and final Beta version for the upcoming Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) Linux operating system.

As we all know by now, all the development releases of Ubuntu GNOME 13.10, including this second Beta version, were built on top of the GNOME 3.8 desktop environment, which is six months old, and knowing Canonical's policy, I doubt that the final version of Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 will ship with the recently released GNOME 3.10.

Apparently, the development team behind the Ubuntu GNOME project works in vain, because, in my opinion, you can't release an operating system, which is explicitly designed to promote a certain technology, with an older version of it.

In other words, releasing Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) with the GNOME 3.8 desktop environment, makes this operating system completely useless for its target: the GNOME user.

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Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 Beta 2

Let's say that I'm a GNOME user and I really like Ubuntu as a Linux distro. Now, as I've read all about the new features brought by GNOME 3.10, I really want to have it on my desktop. Can Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 offer me this opportunity? No! So what do I do now? I'm searching for another Linux distribution, right?

We also know that the GNOME 3.10 source packages were available to distribution developers from September 23, 2013. While Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 will be officially released on October 17, 2013, it gives its developers enough time to update the GNOME packages for the final release.

That being said, the question remains if the Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 distribution will get updated versions of the included GNOME applications and components in order to make its target audience happy. Otherwise it's yet another pointless Linux distribution, "created" because of the high demand for a GNOME flavor of Ubuntu.

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