Ubuntu Developer Summit Is Dead, Long Live Online UDS

Canonical replaced the physical Ubuntu Developer Summit event with an online one!

Canonical announced earlier today, February 26, that they have decided to replace the physical Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) event, which used to take place every six months at a designated location (both in Europe and US), with an online event, scheduled to run every three months, starting with next week.

The Ubuntu Developer Summit event, funded and organized by Canonical, was rigorously planned months before it took place, which managed to gather together all the Ubuntu developers, as well as members of the Ubuntu community, in order to plan the future of Ubuntu.

The next UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit) event, for the forthcoming Ubuntu 13.10 operating system, was supposed to take place in Oakland, California, USA in May 2013, but it was canceled, as Canonical decided to drop physical events and replace them with online ones.

This new format for the Ubuntu Developer Summit will make heavy use of Google+ Hangouts On Air split across 4 channels: App Developers, Community, Server and Cloud, and Client. Each channel will have 2 video streams, and the UDS sessions will integrate IRC, Social Media sharing, Etherpad, as well as links to specs and blueprints.

“The new format of UDS provides an enhanced level of openness and transparency that is optimized for online participants. Unlike the physical UDS where a portion of the agenda is recorded in video form, every session in the new UDS format will be recorded and available from the schedule.”

Consequently, Canonical is pleased to announce that the first online UDS event will be taking place next week, from 5th to 6th March, from 4PM UTC to 10PM UTC, followed by another one in May, 2013.

“Canonical will review the success of the next two online events and then assess whether to continue the online format. We look forward to seeing you at the inaugural online UDS next week!” stated Canonical, in the official announcement.

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