Ubuntu App Developer Week Announced

Canonical, through David Planella, announced last evening (March 31st) that the Ubuntu App Developer Week will take place between 11th to 15th April, 2011, on the Ubuntu IRC channel.

Ubuntu App Developer Week was created to inspire developers of all ages, regardless of their skill level, to write applications with tools developed by Ubuntu for the Ubuntu platform.

"The whole week is packed with interesting subjects, aimed both at new and experienced developers. During the sessions you'll get a solid overview on a broad range of the Free Software technologies that will enable you to create your applications in Ubuntu."

"At the same time, you'll be able to chat and ask your questions directly to the true rockstars on those subjects." - said David Planella, Ubuntu translations coordinator, in the mailing list announcement.

Highlights of Ubuntu App Developer Week:

· Integrate apps with Ubuntu tech: Unity, Ubuntu One, AppIndicators, the Sound Menu, etc;

· How to enable multitouch support in apps;

· Application testing and development with Python;

· Rapid Application Development with QML and Qt Quick;

· Rapid Application Development with Quickly;

· How to use Bazaar to easily track source code history;

· Develop apps using Launchpad integration features;

· GObject Introspection, Plasma, PyGI, Zeitgeist, Touchégg, GStreamer, KDE, Internationalization, Thunderbird, the Application Review Process, Phonon, Pkgme, etc;

· Learn how to use the hottest technologies to build your applications.

You can check out the complete Ubuntu App Developer Week schedule on its official homepage. If you are a developer and want to attend the Ubuntu App Developer Week, you can connect using your web browser or any IRC client to the following IRC address: irc.freenode.net

The main session will take place on the #ubuntu-classroom channel and the #ubuntu-classroom-chat channel will be used for the chatroom.

The Ubuntu development team is looking forward to seeing you at Ubuntu App Developer Week, so make sure you're there between 11th to 15th April 2011.

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