Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition Certified on New HP ProLiant Servers

The collaboration between Canonical and HP continues

Following the February announcement that HP and Canonical started collaborating towards providing Ubuntu certification on HP machines, the companies have recently revealed that Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition is now fully supported on the latest HP ProLiant G6 servers. In total, there are now 17 energy-efficient HP ProLiant configurations for which Canonical provides Ubuntu Server Edition support.

“We are committed to certifying Ubuntu Server Edition on the hardware platforms that our users choose to run. HP ProLiant servers are easily one of the most popular of those platforms so it is heartening to have HP's participation in this certification programme along with its recognition and verification of our work,” said Steve George, director of commercial services at Canonical.

Thorough tests were performed at the Canonical labs in order to complete the certification process for Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition on HP ProLiant G6 servers. Moreover, all tested HP server machines' statuses were raised from "Validated" to "Certified." “Users who are looking for an open platform or thinking about building a cloud-based infrastructure on Ubuntu need the reassurance of strong, compatibility-tested hardware. This certification offers peace of mind along with a great hardware base on which users can start to build their new datacentres.” Steve George continued.

Hewlett-Packard also sees this step as an important one and believes that Ubuntu, together with ProLiant, can deliver a perfect solution for businesses. “Canonical’s certification of Ubuntu Server Edition on HP ProLiant G6 servers provides customers a powerful, cost-effective, and energy-efficient operating platform.” said Jogn Gromala, director of marketing, Industry Standard Servers, HP.

About Canonical

Canonical Ltd, a global organization headquartered in Europe, is the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Globally recognized as a leading services provider, Canonical is committed to the development, distribution and support of open-source software products and communities.

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