Ubuntu 8.04 Release Party Spot in Berlin Metro System

The release party took place on April 26

If you are living in Berlin, Germany and using the subway, you probably haven't missed the advertisement that was present in all the vehicles on more than 3,700 displays, announcing the release party for Ubuntu 8.04, that took place in the German city.

The release party took place on April 26, this year, and the company that was responsible for the content shown on the television system from the trains displayed the announcement free of charge. The spots were seen by an audience of 1.5 million people per day.

The television spots were detailing the date and the place of the Release Party. If you happened to be one of the passengers that traveled by subway at that time, you have probably seen the ad, featuring the default Ubuntu 8.04 wallpaper (at least a part of it) and an ordered list with the most important things of the event. The release party was made up of lectures, freshly burned CDs with - of course - Ubuntu 8.04, a live Samba band and a lot of people from the open source world. Everything was free of charge, including the admission to the event.

About Ubuntu:

Ubuntu (an African word meaning 'Humanity to others') is the ultimate operating system developed by an entire open source community. Ubuntu is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers. It includes all the software you will need, from web browser, e-mail client and word processing to games, programming tools and web server software. Ubuntu OS can be used at home, in a business environment, in public schools, hospitals, etc. The best part of all this is that Ubuntu is and will always be free of charge.

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