Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition Offers Revamped User Interface

Canonical announced today, October 7th, the upcoming availability of the new Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) operating system for download on Sunday, October 10th.

The Ubuntu 10.10 release introduces various offline and online applications for the Desktop Edition, and a brand-new user interface for the Netbook Edition, called Unity. The Server Edition of Ubuntu 10.10, as well as the Enterprise Cloud EC2, also introduces new features.

The Unity interface is Canonical's strong point for this release of the Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition. And, as you can see from the screenshots presented in this article, it looks quite amazing!

"Ubuntu 10.10 for desktops and netbooks is our most consumer-friendly release yet," said Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical.

"Ubuntu One’s personal cloud services will put Ubuntu at the heart of many users’ computing worlds even when they need or prefer to use other platforms."

"Unity has the opportunity to change how we think about our use of computers and the Software Centre will bridge Ubuntu with the applications users need to switch to the world’s best OS."

This is how your netbook, running the new Ubuntu 10.10 release, might look like...

Review image

New application shortcuts can be easily added to and removed from the Unity launcher. Rearanging them is also an easy process.

Pressing the Ubuntu logo situated in the upper left corner will show you a very well designed page with the default applications for each category.

Review image

The Smart Search function is also included, and it helps users to easily find the most commonly used applications, just by typing the first letters of their names.

Pressing the non-removable Applications button from the Unity launcher, will give you access to all the installed applications. From here, you can also go straight to any desired category and see the installed apps.

Right clicking on the Applications entry will offer the possibility to directly access a software category.

Review image

There are four workspaces now, and a dedicated button to access them from the Unity launcher...

Review image

...and better integration with the Ubuntu One service!

Review image

Also, the Ubuntu One service includes brand-new features, various performance enhancements and compatibility with Google’s Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple’s iPhone.

"Ubuntu One Basic, available free of charge, provides a personal cloud for sharing and syncing files, contacts, bookmarks and notes, with 2GB of free storage, access to music from the integrated store and (new in 10.10) a beta client for Windows allowing users to integrate their Windows and Ubuntu worlds."

"As part of the paid Ubuntu One Mobile service, applications are now available for Android and iPhone so users can stream their music collections from their personal cloud to their mobile devices and synchronize contacts."

"Users might find that they need extra capacity so 20GB blocks of additional storage can be purchased on demand." - was stated in today's press release. For more information check out the Ubuntu One website.

And... let's not forget about the new Global Menu...

Review image

Do not forget to check out our website on Sunday, October 10th, for the download links!

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