UberStudent 2.0.4 Is Based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

The distribution also relies on the XFCE desktop environment

UberStudent, a Linux distribution for learning, doing, and teaching academic success at the higher education and advanced secondary levels, is now at 2.0.4.

UberStudent 2.0.4 retains a traditional desktop environment and it's based on XFCE. Both XFCE and MATE are boot options, but XFCE is the default option.

“I began UberStudent two years ago as a way to place sets of smart and dedicated computing tools, and just the right amount of support, into the hands of college and college-bound secondary students,” said Stephen Ewen, UberStudent's founder and lead developer.

“Although I knew I had built something solid and that there was a huge need out there for what I was offering, I still wasn't really sure how it would be received,” explained Ewen.

UberStudent 2.0.4 has been dubbed Aristotle and you will need a few instructions if you try to run the Live version. First off all, the login details:

USERNAME: uberstudent

PASSWORD: Leave blank and press Enter on your keyboard

The distribution is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) and on Linux Kernel 3.5. Being based on an LTS means that it will benefit from five years of security updates.

UberStudent 2.0.4 also has some limitations and various issues. For example, if the user installs any additional desktop environment(s) in UberStudent 2.0.4, they will break the boundaries between XFCE and MATE, and thus the system.

Also, if the user exits XFCE without first exiting all programs AND choose "Last Session" when booting into XFCE the next time, xfwm4 (the XFCE4 Windows Manager) may fail to load on startup.

The Mate desktop environment is also affected by some nasty problems. According to the developer, clicking Help in a MATE-specific configuration program displays an error and nothing else, and no satisfactory workaround could be found for this issue.

Check out the official announcement for more details about the distribution.

Download UberStudent 2.0.4 right now from Softpedia.

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