USB Squirming Tentacle Monster Ready to Wriggle

This is a perfect means of giving a semblance of life to technology

We've seen lots of weird gadgets, and we even said that some of them were the weirdest ever. ThinkGeek has launched something that could rival the best of them.

Some might think it is a USB flash drive. It is not.

It does go into a USB port, but the energy provided by the interface is only used to animate the squirming tentacle.

That is the actual name of the product: ThinkGeek USB Squirming Tentacle.

We can only imagine how strange the sight of a multi-port USB charging hub would be with several of these things installed.

It takes $25 to purchase one tentacle, which is about the same as 19.34 Euro, according to exchange rates. Further information can be found here, where it is also possible to place orders and see a larger image gallery.

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