USB 3.0 Flash Drives Causing Serious Competition

The information from the supply chain shows this clearly enough

2013 may or may not be a year of good storage device sales, but whatever happens, there will be a clear difference in one area, compared to 2012.

USB 3.0 flash drives will sell much better than this year, both because USB 2.0 has become old fashioned and because it is easier to cram more storage capacity in small packages now.

Several NAND Flash controller designers will focus on USB 3.0 chip production, hence this prediction.

Of all the USB flash drives sold in 2013, at least 30% should have SuperSpeed USB 3.0 support (5 Gbps transfer speed). Some are especially optimistic and hope for 40-50%.

Clearly, every maker of storage products will be fighting for the interest of customers, just like manufacturers of controller chips will compete for orders from them.

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