USB 3.0, Encrypted External HDD from Apricorn Has Biometric Defense

The military grade 265-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption will keep intruders out

External hard disk drives really aren't that different from normal ones, usually, but every once in a while some drives appear that clearly classify as uncanny, and the latest one from Apricorn is definitely one of them.

The look of the drive is the first big clue that this is no ordinary portable storage solution. Portable HDDs don't usually have small lock icons on them.

The Aegis Bio 3.0 does, because it boasts not only military grade 265-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption, but also a biometric USB 3.0 data lockdown feature.

Which brings us to the indentation on the middle of the drive case, the AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor, which doesn't rely on special installable software to prevent data access to unrecognized people.

The design is compact and durable as well, with an integrated USB cable, which makes certain that the HDD will survive extended and handling trips if necessary.

The Aegis Bio 3.0 HDD from AuthenTec comes in 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB, priced at $199 / 199 Euro, $219 / 219 Euro and $249 / 249 Euro, respectively.

Orders can be set here, and there is a little detail that won't be immediately apparent; Apricorn isn't limiting itself to just magnetic platter spinners.

Indeed, the Aegis Bio 3.0, complete with USB 3.0 connectivity, can hold NAND Flash storage chips inside as well.

The solid-state drives have capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB, but are also much more expensive than the HDDs.

In that order, customers will have to part with $329 / 329 Euro, $529 / 529 Euro and $699 / 699 Euro.

"The Aegis Bio's software free design and simple setup offer several advantages to virtually any security conscience organization," said Mike McCandless, VP of sales and marketing.

"With no passwords to remember or admin rights to contend with and an OS independent design, the Aegis Bio can be easily deployed into any existing security infrastructure. The Aegis Bio is completely scalable to any sized company, and with no software or updates, it is ideal for those that use multiple hosts and platforms."

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