US Ski Star Bode Miller's Golf Shot Hits His Wife

He tried to avoid hitting a tree, and managed to throw the ball at his wife instead

Ski star Bode Miller's wife is recovering from a golf shot that resulted in a terrible injury. Morgan Miller was hit above her left eye, causing her a bloody wound, bruises and swelling, Inquisitr writes.

Miller, a five-time Olympic medalist for alpine skiing, was playing golf with his wife in San Diego, California.

He had won the World Cup in 2005 and 2008. The skier married beach volleyball player Morgan in October this year.

According to his account, he tried to avoid hitting a tree, and managed to throw the ball at his wife, who was standing behind it. The ball reached a speed of approximately 160 mph (257 kph), before it came in contact with her face.

“I’m not feeling so hot. Line drive to the face today with a golf ball from my darling husband. I still love him but ouch,” she posted on Twitter.

Morgan is currently recovering at the San Diego hospital, from a successful surgery. The doctors had to apply 50 stitches above her eye.

“She’s a trooper, the docs did a great job, thanks UCSDHealth. she is doing Ok, surgery went well, should be 100%. Thanks,” Miller tweets about her status.

Her vision is temporarily impaired in her left eye. She was wearing Kaenon sunglasses, which did not shatter at impact.

Mrs. Miller keeps her friends updated on her condition, which has improved since the incident, on Twitter.

“Feeling better today. Still can’t see out off left eye but I am getting some feeling back in my face. Also a huge thank u 2 everyone wishing me a speedy recovery. I have my husband by my side listening 2 all ur suggestions so keep them coming,” she writes.

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