US Ready to Issue Fines, Penalties and Trade Restrictions Against China [AP]

The new strategy is meant to address the growing cybersecurity concerns

Officials familiar with the plans of the White House have told the Associated Press that the administration is ready to issue trade restrictions, fines and penalties in response to the recent cyberattacks launched against the US.

This new strategy, which follows a detailed report from security firm Mandiant about the Chinese army’s involvement in the recent cyberattacks, is expected to be released on Wednesday.

In the meantime, China’s Ministry of Defense continues to deny the accusations. In a statement released on Tuesday, China argued that the media shouldn’t make such groundless accusations because they could negatively impact the cooperation between the two countries.

Furthermore, ministry officials said they hoped to address these issues through “normal law enforcement cooperation and consultation.”

White House representatives have failed to make any comments regarding the new strategy, but they have told AP that it’s vital to “continue a sustained, meaningful dialogue [with China] and work together to develop an understanding of acceptable behavior in cyberspace.”

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