US National Cancer Institute, Charity and Religious Sites Defaced

Some hackers don't care about the fact that the websites they attack are not "evil"

For some hacker collectives it doesn’t matter if the websites they target belong to charities, the Red Cross, religious or health care organizations.

The LulzSec Europe collective has breached the official website of the US National Cancer Institute ( According to Cyber War News, the hackers have leaked some information from the site’s databases.

In other parts of the world, hackers part of Anonymous Central America have defaced a number of sites that belong to religious organizations and charities.

HotForSecurity has managed to take screenshots of the affected sites, which apparently have been defaced to host Halloween-themed images.

So, should hackers deface all sorts of sites for their own amusement/protest or should they pick their targets more carefully?

Some say that the owners of most websites have something to hide anyway, so they deserve to be hacked, while others argue that attacking charities is as low as a hacker can get.

In any case, it’s interesting that some of them later come to realize that they’ve made a mistake and apologize.

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