US Minesweeper Stuck in the Philippines Will Be Cut into Pieces

Authorities hope this measure will help prevent any further damage to the coral reefs

As previously reported, both high officials in the Philippines and the US Navy are now doing their best to figure out a way to safely remove the USS Guardian minesweeper from the coral reefs in which it grounded not very long ago.

Apparently, the only way to carry out this task is to cut the ship into pieces.

In other words, this minesweeper will cease to exist as a Navy vessel, and will have to be taken off the ship roster, sources report.

Despite the fact that the US Navy's losing one of its ships in this manner is no reason to rejoice, one cannot help but be glad that such extreme measures are being taken in order to protect the coral reefs on top of which the vessel now sits.

Just for the record, said coral reefs are currently listed as a Philippines natural park and a World Heritage Site.

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