US Government and Military Sites Hacked by NullCrew, Thousands of Credentials Leaked

Sites of UNESCO and the United Nations have also been targeted

Last week we learned that the NullCrew collective launched an operation against governments from all over the world.

The first targets of this campaign are the sites of the State of Louisiana (, the State of Texas (, the State of Montana (, UNESCO (, United Nations (, and the Force Health Protection & Readiness site managed by the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (

The most affected appears to be the site of Montana from which the hackers leaked the details of more than 7,000 user accounts.

From the Force Health Protection & Readiness website they leaked around 2,200 usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords.

No information has been leaked from the site of the United Nations, but the hackers did publish the details of a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability.

The State of Louisiana website appears to have been breached, but the hackers have only published the site’s database layout. From and three UNESCO-related sites, they have leaked administrator credentials.

“We here at NullCrew believe in non-censorship, and have noticed something. We have noticed that the government will never change their ways, they simply refuse to. No matter how much violence they cause, no matter how many times they refuse to admit their wrongs. No matter how many times they have denied documents for being factual,” the hackers said.

“Even better, they REFUSE TO LET THEIR PEOPLE BE FREE! America, you have been a primary target for activists, and hacktivists alike. The true freedom fighters whom prove you wrong, you censor us; lock us away in prisons. You take away our freedom of speech, if the world relied on things such as free-source. The world would be a less corrupt place.”

The Pastebin paste in which they published all the information has been removed.

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