US Defense Secretary to Discuss Cybersecurity with Chinese Officials at Singapore Summit

The official believes private consultation might be more effective

On his way to a security summit held in Singapore, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel revealed that he planned to informally meet with Chinese officials to discuss cyber espionage issues.

According to Voice of America, Hagel says cyber security issues will be on the top of the list at the annual security summit.

“I'll be meeting with the Chinese delegation in Singapore. These are issues that we're going to deal with, frame up, put up at the top of the agenda,” Hagel said.

However, the US official explains that private consultation might me more effective than making public accusations that might embarrass or anger China.

Hagel seeks to set up an understanding of what is considered acceptable behavior in cyberspace.

“There's only one way to deal with these issues and that's straight up. We intend to use all these venues and that closer cooperation and closer venue-building to hopefully get us in a position where we can get some better understanding, closer understanding of what these rules of the road are,” the official noted.

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